►NOTE : We are Only Responsible For Shipping Products On Our Confirmed Ship Date. Once The Carrier (UPS/FedEx or Truck) picks up your order, Innovation cannot control delivery beyond the carrier’s published transit timetable. Mishandling, Damages, Misrouting, late arrivals or missed IHD’s caused by carrier are not the responsibility of Innovation Line. Regrettably, these worldwide shipping delays & supply chain disruptions are out of our control. All sales are final.


Drop Shipments

This excel format must be used (Click here to download required drop shipment template). Spreadsheet is required for drop shipping to 3 or more locations. Drop ship list must be sent, error free, 4 days prior to assigned ship date. Factory cannot be responsible for errors if customer does not provide in excel format or insists factory retype drop ship addresses. Revisions to drop ship list cannot be accepted once the order enters our production.

Add $7.00(Z) for domestic destinations, $10.00(Z) for international destinations. For EACH location after the first, drop ship charges apply. All other shipping charges will apply as normal. Add one day to production for every 100 drop ship addresses. The appropriate ship method must be selected in order to meet the IHD. Factory will not pay for upgraded freight due to late submission of drop ship list or drop ship spreadsheet errors (wrong ship method, incomplete/invalid address, returns, refused by receiver, etc.)