Instant Virtual from Innovation Line

NOTE: Please be advised this is a Virtual Presentation of the art and item requested. It is only an approximation of the imprint color, location and scale and is not exact reproducible indication of the final product. More detailed concerns will be indicated on E-Proofs for actual orders. Factory can not guarantee final product will exactly match this image nor can credits be issued/returns accepted for variations between electronic virtual proofs and final product delivered.

Note: Items with Item # ending with OP, OP3, as well as Awards are not currently available for Instant Virtual.
Professional Virtual Sample (24 hours) option is available. Please click here to create one.

Disclaimer: Virtual mock ups or proofs give a general idea of the finished product. Materials, colors, and art details shown are not guaranteed to reproduce exactly as shown, and limitations of the screen printing, 4CP printing, sublimation and laser engraving processes may prevent certain artwork from being printable, even if it appears clear on this virtual. Item colors, imprint colors, the appearance of laser engraving, PMS colors, or any other specific color matching requests cannot be verified or guaranteed with this virtual presentation due to the variance in individual monitors and display devices. Laser engraving cannot have a specific imprint color, appears differently on every item, and may not be accurately represented here. Always confirm imprint colors, imprint methods and specific art details in the e-proofing process, and on your purchase order. This virtual image does not guarantee the printability of any artwork, item, or print method shown, as there may be cases wherein you have uploaded artwork that cannot be reproduced as represented with this Virtual mock up. You must review the printing information on each item page and note limitations listed there as Innovation Line cannot be responsible if you uploaded artwork that is not compatible with our printing processes. Also, we cannot guarantee that the virtual image generated here and the final printed product will be identical.

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