• Pre-Production Proofs:
    • Domestic Items: $45.00(G). Production Time: 2-3 Days.
    • 4 Color Process Imprint Bags: $160.00(G). Production Time: 5 Days.
    • Sublimated, OP, and OP3 Items: $100.00(G). Production Time: 3-5 Days.
    • Awards/Acrylic Items: $45.00(G) plus cost of product, all setups and personalization charges. Production Time: 5-6 days, depending on complexity of design.
    • No photo proofs available: If revisions are made to any Pre-Production Proofs, a new Pre-Production Proof charge that includes any additional art, die or screen charges will apply.

  • Speculative Samples: For most items $45.00(G), plus cost of the item, set-up charges and any additional running charges and freight charges. Production Time: 3-5 working days for domestic products and 7-10 days for overseas samples.

  • Awards Line Speculative Samples: $80.00(G) per item. Plus Setup Charge of $60.00(G) per color and/or imprint methods, first column cost of the item, and cost of any additional color per unit running charges and freight charges. Production Time: All speculative samples are custom made by hand and require 10 Days to produce.

  • Virtual Spec Samples: FREE – Please email your virtual requests to

  • Samples: Items totalling $5.00(G) or less (based on our end quantity price) will be shipped for free with the customer’s freight number included – either UPS or FedEx. You can email your sample request to

  • Acrylic/Glass Award Samples: You can email your sample request to Innovation Line does not inventory samples for every USA handmade acrylic or glass award. The award sample you ordered will be individually manufactured and this process will take from 3 to 10 days depending on the complexity. All Award Samples are invoiced at first column pricing and cannot be returned for Credit, no exceptions.