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Custom Acrylic Awards Specification Form

General Information

  1. Company Name: your company name.

  2. Event Date / State -  what day / week / month do you need to take delivery of the awards on? What is the ship to state? .

  3. Budget/Cost per piece and Quantity -  please provide your estimated price point or budget for the finished piece and number of pieces required. We can work within your budget parameters to build something to suit that price point.

  4. Overall Design/Shape/Concept -  please provide a drawing, picture or other graphic elements that will help us understand what the finished piece should look like. If you’re not sure, provide whatever supporting elements you have available so we can work on providing creative ideas for you.

  5. Size and Color -  please provide the overall size and dimensions of the finished product. How tall and wide and what thickness do you prefer? Acrylic material comes in many different thicknesses and colors. Clear material is the most popular. We stock the following thicknesses in clear -- 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4" and 2" thick. Black and White acrylics are the next most popular colors. We stock some of these thicknesses and can purchase most others within a couple of days.

  6. Artwork and Printing -  please let us know how many imprint colors and/or engraving surfaces you may require. We have advanced printing capabilities consisting of traditional silkscreen printing, cutting edge 4 color process printing and laser engraving. Let us know if the pieces will be individually personalized and how many lines will be required. We create personalization’s by laser engraving or, if we’re printing in 4 color process, we can embed digital personalization’s into the 4 color process print. We can also color fill any laser engraving we create.

  7. Packaging/Shipping -  most acrylic awards will be quoted with a white tuck top gift box included unless requested otherwise. Some products may be too large for this packaging or you may require something different so please advise if this is the case. Let us know if the pieces will be individually drop shipped or packed to ship in bulk. Individual drop shipments will probably require additional packing materials and thicker cartons to protect them while in transit.

  8. Less than Minimum (LTM) and Prototype Charges -  all custom orders require individual design, prototyping and quoting time which isn’t the case with our stock catalog products. Very often designs and material requirements will change as the design process evolves. Therefore, we ask that the minimum order amount for a custom project, regardless of the number of pieces, be at least $500(c), not including any setup charges. We typically don’t charge for our design and creative time, but there is a minimal charge of $50 to cover the cost of each prototype created.

  9. Other Information -  please provide us with any additional and relevant information that will help us design and build the perfect custom piece for you.